Our San Diego Orthodontist Shares Helpful Cleaning Tips for Your Braces and Aligners

While National Orthodontic Health Month ends, we just want to remind you of how important it is to maintain your dental health during your treatment! With the help of braces, whether traditional or invisible, we want to celebrate your smile and all the potential it has.
Our San Diego orthodontist is here to break down ways to improve and maintain your oral health during your time with braces, as well as beneficial foods and drinks to enjoy. If you have any questions about your treatment, we encourage you to call us right away! Our goal is to create the smile of your dreams and we’re here to help during every step of the way.
Caring for Your Braces
• If you have traditional metal braces, here are important cleaning and caring tips to remember:
• Brushing after every meal to ensure no food particles get stuck in brackets and wires
• Use your proxy brushes to clean in between your brackets
• Avoid sweet and sticky foods that may get stuck and hide around your brackets and wires
• Floss regularly with floss threaders
• Rinse regularly with fluoride, if possible
Caring for Your Aligners
• Always remove your aligners before eating and drinking to avoid damaging the aligners
• Only drink water with your aligners on
• Brush your teeth after eating and drinking to avoid trapping food and bacteria in between, which may cause cavities
• Brush and floss every morning and night, just like your regular routine
• Rinse regularly with fluoride, if possible
When it comes to your daily diet, there may be some changes depending on your treatment – metal braces or clear aligners. If you have the traditional braces, it’s important to avoid those lingering foods and drinks that may negatively affect your wires and brackets. Try some healthy foods like fresh fruit, steamed veggies, yogurt, greens, and water to protect your braces. Typically, clear aligners won’t require a diet change since they are removable but including these foods in your diet certainly won’t hurt, either!
By being consistent with taking care of your braces and aligners, your smile is sure to shine! Call our San Diego orthodontist at one of our two convenient locations to schedule your consultation to see which is best for you.